South Tyrol Museum of Mining

The South Tyrol Museum of Mining wiht 4 Locations - Schneeberg, Ridnaun, Prettau and Steinhaus

The South Tyrol Mining Museum has four sites and many faces: mine railways that run deep into the mountainside, medieval galleries, deafening ore crushing operations, kilometre-long horse tracks, vertically sloping braking inclines and towering slag heaps; in addition there are educational trails through ore districts, noble tradesmen’s halls, Europe’s highest permanent settlement, and a climate gallery. It is an underground world of adventure, where the mountains hoard their greatest treasures.
Exhibitions on mining
1 Museum, 4 Locations
100.000 Explorers
Steinhaus /en/steinhaus-875.html
Prettau /en/prettau-873.html
Ridnaun /en/ridnaun-871.html
Schneeberg /en/schneeberg-869.html
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