Into the underground


Due to the current state of emergency and to prevent the spread of Coronavirus,
the South Tyrol Museum of Mining will remain closed until further notice.

Such times of isolation at home require new creative solutions to stimulate our senses, distract us, take us into new worlds.
The South Tyrol Museum of Mining offers a solution to students, families and all those who wish to esape everyday life in their own four walls: a virtual tour through the copper mine of Prettau.

South Tyrol Museum of Mining

The South Tyrol Museum of Mining with 4 Locations - Schneeberg, Ridnaun, Prettau and Steinhaus

The South Tyrol Mining Museum has four sites and many faces: mine railways that run deep into the mountainside, medieval galleries, deafening ore crushing operations, kilometre-long horse tracks, vertically sloping braking inclines and towering slag heaps; in addition there are educational trails through ore districts, noble tradesmen’s halls, Europe’s highest permanent settlement, and a climate gallery. It is an underground world of adventure, where the mountains hoard their greatest treasures.
Exhibitions on mining
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