Frequently asked questions

What is speleotherapy? How does it work?
Cave therapy is known in technical jargon as speleotherapy. In damp caves, the relative humidity is close to 100 percent saturation. Suspended matter and allergens in the air are bound and precipitate on the damp rock walls. Therefore, the air in the gallery is absolutely clean.
When breathing this 8-10°C cold air, it warms up to 37°C body temperature. The warmer the air the more water vapor it can absorb. As a result, this gallery air can draw water from the mucous membranes on its way through the airways, which are often swollen due to chronic inflammation or asthma. This reduces the swelling of the respiratory system and people with respiratory ailments can breathe more freely.

Who benefits from a visit to the Climate gallery? 
The special microclimate in the gallery is beneficial for those who have health problems with the upper or lower respiratory tract, e.g. asthma, bronchitis, sinus ailments, allergies or hay fever.
Those who are looking to slow down and relax far from everyday stress will however also find a place of rest and tranquility in the Climate gallery.

Who shouldn't enter the gallery?
Those with febrile diseases and patients with decompensated acute and chronic concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system, including severe forms of heart insufficiency such as heart attack, hypertension or stroke. 
The Climate gallery is located inside the mine and therefore not suitable for people who suffer from claustrophobia.

What can children do during the two-hour stay? 
Painting materials and puzzles are provided for children. 

How long does it take to enter/exit the gallery on the mine railway?
Entry on the mine railway takes about 10 minutes; exiting takes about 7 minutes.

Over what length of time should you visit the Climate gallery?
Specialists recommend a two-week cycle with one visit a day to ensure noticeable relief of respiratory problems.

How long does each stay in the Climate gallery last?
Each stay lasts two hours including entering and exiting the gallery on the mine railway.

Are there side effects to cave therapy?
No, the stay in the climate gallery doesn't have negative side effects. 

Is there an age limit?
There is in principe no limit on the age of entry to the Climate gallery.