Climate gallery

Climate Gallery Prettau


The climate gallery is a place of recuperation, 1,100 metres deep under the mountain. Safe in the bosom of the earth, visitors will find serenity here, away from their everyday life outside. The climate gallery is especially important for those with respiratory problems: the particular microclimate in the gallery helps them regain their strength and vivacity.

Cave therapy

Cave therapy, known by the technical term of “speleotherapy”, helps relieve chronic and recurring respiratory ailments and is a feature of complementary medicine. As in damp caves, the relative humidity in the climate gallery is close to saturation. Suspended particles and allergens in the air are thus bound together and deposited on the wet rock walls. The gallery therefore contains very pure air. When this cold air (8-10°C) is inhaled it is warmed to the body’s temperature of 37°C. The warmer the air, the more water vapour it can absorb. The gallery air can thus extract water from the mucous membranes on its path through the respiratory system, reducing swelling of the breathing structure and allowing those with respiratory problems to breathe more freely. Visits to the climate gallery are entirely free of side effects.

Respiration Club

Several hotels and guesthouses in the Ahrntal Valley have joined the Respiration Club, offering allergy-free accommodation in their rooms and apartments thanks to consistent building biology and fittings. Certified by the South Tyrolean Environmental Agency. Contact:
A place of rest
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