Johann Pescosta and Franz Kleinlercher

Johann Pescosta (1855-1916)

The closure of the Prettau copper mine left many miners unemployed and plunged their families into poverty. The Prettau parish priest Johann Pescosta (1855-1916) was aware of Franz Xaver Mitterer's efforts in Proveis and thought of starting similar projects for his parish.

Franz Kleinlercher (1861-1930)

When the gates of the mine finally closed in 1893, Franz Kleinlercher (1861-1930) was already the successor of Johann Pescosta as priest in Prettau. Father Kleinlercher was very committed to marketing the lace from the Ahrntal Valley. In 1894 he wrote a detailed report for the press in which it was stated, among other things, that lace-making was the only, albeit not entirely sufficient, way to offer the families who had lost their livelihoods an alternative source of income.

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