The Imperial Royal Central School of Lacemaking in Vienna

k.k. Central-Spitzencurs Wien

Imperial and Royal School of lace-making Vienna

In 1879, the Viennese architect and artisan Josef von Storck (1830-1902) founded the k.k. Central Spitzencurs (Imperial and Royal School of Lace-making) in Vienna. The task of this state-sponsored school was to train people who were then employed elsewhere as teaching staff for lace-making. The overriding aim was to further develop this sector of the arts and crafts through new, attractive designs. These were intended to facilitate the sale of the products and generally raise the prestige of bobbin lace. Soon students came from many parts of the Monarchy and the teachers working at the lace course repeatedly received imperial awards for their successful work. Lace makers from Prettau, among them Anna Mittermair, Thekla Brugger and Rosa Kofler, were also trained there.

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