Anna Mittermair and Thekla Brugger

Anna Mittermair

Even before the mine was closed, bobbin lace was made in Prettau. Anna Mittermair completed a course at the bobbin lace school in Proveis and finally obtained a master's certificate in lace making in Vienna at the k.k. Central Spitzencurs (Imperial and Royal School of lace-making) with two other girls from Prettau. After the closure of the mine, she founded the Imperial and Royal bobbin lace school in Prettauand became its first teacher.

Thekla Brugger

The distribution of the laces, on the other hand, was in the hands of Thekla Brugger (1855-1928). Her father had still worked as a miner, whereas Thekla was involved as a shopkeeper in the sale of the bobbin lace produced. Through her village shop "ban Thekla", she held the sales licence, peddled the laces far and wide and also exhibited her bobbin lace at numerous exhibitions and fairs.

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