The rhythm of the stamps in Prettau, 2022

The rhythm of the stamps

Copper extraction and smelting in the Middle Ages - Event at the location Prettau, 2022

The water ripples out of the gallery and flows through the channels to the stamping mill, the wooden wheel groans as it starts to move, and the stamping rams pound the stone. The ore is crushed into sand in a rhythmic pounding motion so that it can be washed and finally smelted.
On 23 and 24 July 2022, spectators were able to experience this medieval preparation process at the location Prettau from 10am to 5pm. The reenactment group "Reisecen" pitched its tents at the St. Nikolaus gallery of the former Prettau copper mine and demonstrated the processing of copper ore in a historically accurate manner. In addition, medieval handicrafts, historical garments and tools, as well as everyday medieval life were presented.

History comes to life to the beat of the stamps of the crushing mill.