"Experiment Copper!" in Prettau, 2021

Experiment Copper!

Copper smelting in the Middle Ages - Event at the location Prettau, 2021

Especially in the Middle Ages, copper smelting was one of the highest levels of craftsmanship, as copper was and is one of the most sought-after metals. But how exactly did that work? The South Tyrol Mining Museum and the reenactment group "Niedertor et Servitus" had set the goal of finding out precisely that.
On August 7 and 8 2021, they constructed two smelting ovens and on September 11 and 12 2021, attempts to melt the cement copper were made. On both weekends form 10am to 5pm, the "entourage" around Sigmund von Niedertor pitched their tents at the Nikolaus gallery of the former Prettau copper mine and demonstrated their crafts to the audience, true to history.