I breathe

I breathe...

Cave therapy is known in technical jargon as speleotherapy. Our gallery's special microclimate and the constantly cool, humid and pure air all ensure relaxation and recuperation for the airways, with noticeable relief even for chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and sinus ailments. Many years of experience have shwn that the best results are achieved when the tunnel air is allowed to act on the respiratory tract for around two hours a day over two weeks.
Our mine railway will take you quickly and comfortably into the mountain. The first morning session is reserved for persons with respiratory problems.
Booking required!
Times: 10am and 2.20pm
Duration: 2h 
Please come to the location at least 20 minutes prior to your booked time slot. 
Clothing: Warm clothes are required and sturdy footwear for the entry into the gallery is recommended. Helmets and raincoats are provided by the Museum.
Access to the Climate gallery is only permitted in clean slippers or trainers/shoes. Please bring a clean change of shoes. Upon request, the museum will provide felt slippers free of charge.
Important information regarding the safety protocol for the Climate gallery can be found here. 
F.A.Q.: Frequently asked questions regarding speleotherapy are answered here.
Access to the Climate gallery is barrier-free.