Mining Junior Ridnaun

Mining Junior

An interactive tour for groups of children and students

We go on an exciting search for ore using sledgehammers and picks, hoes, shovels and sieves in the gallery, on the ore heap and in the pond. We learn more about the hidden treasures of the mountain and the use made of them in an exciting tour of the show gallery with real miners’ equipment. In a special section of the gallery we can ourselves live through the shift of a miner. 
Booking required! Reservations via phone or mail.
For groups of at least 6 children or students from 4 to 12 years
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Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (only upon request)
Starting time: 1.30pm
Duration: 2h30m
From May to September
Clothing: We recommend warm clothing and adequate shoes, as well as a change of socks. Rain coats, helmets and boots are provided by the museum.