Adventure Shift

Adventure shift

The discovery tour for young and old

After an introduction at the ore processing plant in Maiern, visitors travel by shuttle bus to the Poschhaus Gallery at 2,000 metres above sea level. There the mine railway brings participants close to the ore deposits, where an adventurous tour of the gallery begins.
The first section of the tour runs through mining galleries from the 1970s, with watercourses and shafts leading into the Karlsstollen Gallery that dates back to around 1700 and has some narrow passages. Participants then descend via almost 300 steps back into the Poschhaus Gallery, where they can test their mining skills on the remaining ore veins. We return to Maiern on the shuttle bus. 
Reservation required! Bookings via phone or mail.
The tour begins at 10am. Duration: approx. 7h
Thursday and Sunday.
Available from June until mid-September
The tour is not suitable for: children under 6 years, persons with claustrophobia, persons with mold allergies.
Warm clothing and sturdy footwear are recommended (temperature in gallery 8°C). The equipment for the excursion in the galleries is provided by the museum.