Guided Tours Ridnaun

Ridnaun Compact

An adventure tour for beginners.

Visitors see the entire production process at the original ore processing plant in Maiern: the machinery is set to work during the tour.

The tour begins in the show gallery, where the development of ore mining methods is demonstrated, from sledgehammer and pick all the way up to dynamite. The remains of the ore conveyor systems outside give an idea of the difficulties and challenges of transporting ore high in the mountains. An impressive journey into the time of the industrial revolution.
Duration: Booking required. 1½ hrs. The tour is barrier-free. Warm clothing is recommended. Ideal for rainy days. See opening hours for tour times.

Mining for Juniors

An interactive tour for families with children from 4 years up and school groups

An exciting search for ore using sledgehammers and picks, hoes, shovels and sieves in the gallery, on the ore heap and in the pond. Also ideal for birthday parties.
Under the eye of our visitor guides, participants in this workshop learn more about the hidden treasures of the mountain and the use made of them. An exciting tour of the show gallery with real miners’ equipment. One section of the gallery is dedicated to a miner’s shift.
Duration: 2½ hrs. Booking required. The tour is barrier-free. Warm clothing recommended, as well as a change of socks for smaller visitors.

Adventure Shift

A discovery tour for young and old.

Experience 7 hours of mining life up close. After an introduction at the ore processing plant in Maiern, visitors travel by shuttle bus to the Poschhaus Gallery at 2,000 metres above sea level. There the mine railway brings participants close to the ore deposits, where an adventurous tour of the gallery begins.

The first section of the tour runs through mining galleries from the 1970s, with watercourses and shafts leading into the Karlsstollen Gallery that dates back to around 1700 and has some narrow passages. Participants then descend via a secured inclined shaft with almost 300 steps back into the Poschhaus Gallery, where they can test their mining skills on the remaining ore veins.
Duration: 7 hrs. Booking required. Minimum number of participants: 8 persons. The tour is suitable for children from 6 years of age. Participants require warm clothes and warm socks. Gallery gear – boots, jacket, helmet and headlamp – is provided by the Museum. The tour runs from mid-May at the earliest, depending on the snow conditions. Not suitable for those suffering from fungal allergies or claustrophobia.

Mining Experience

A full-day tour for those with stamina and for teams.

Participants first hike for two hours along old miners’ trails and transport routes up to the Schneeberg Pass, and from there to the miners’ settlement on the Schneeberg. The exciting return route involves 6 kilometres underground, past large excavations, shafts, watercourses, narrow passages and sloping tunnels.

This 10-hour tour is not for the faint-hearted – either for participants or for our guides! The challenge is however worthwhile: it is suitable as part of a team-building process.
Booking required. Duration: 10 hrs. Minimum number of participants: 8 persons. Start: 07.30. Warm clothes, an adequate rucksack (20-30 litres) and mountain gear are all necessary. Gallery gear is provided by the Museum. The tour includes a shuttle bus from the Museum area to the Poschhaus Gallery and back. Feasible from July to mid-October in good weather. Refreshments available from the refuge on the Schneeberg.
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