Experience Prettau

Gallery Adventure

The adventure tour for everyone.

Take the mine railway one kilometre down into the St. Ignaz Gallery, then from the underground station walk through the show galleries. Warm clothing is necessary, strong footwear recommended. Temperature in gallery: + 8°C.

The journey into the gallery with the mine railway takes about 10 minutes. The guided tour route under the mountain is 360 metres long and runs on two levels. After 75 minutes visitors return to the overground station.

Low season 16.04. - 30.06. | 10.09. - 03.11.
10.00 h, 11.00 h, 14.00 h, 15.00 h

High season 02.07. - 09.09.
First entrance 9.20 h, entrances every 20 minutes; last entrance 16.00 h
Helmet and rain jacket are provided by the Museum. The tour is not recommended for those with circulatory problems and/or claustrophobia. Booking required.

Dwarves in the Mine

An interactive tour for groups of children.

Many fairy tales and legends tell of dwarves living in the mountains, where they hoard vast treasures. But what treasures were they seeking? And how did the dwarves find the treasures of the Earth?

In a side-tunnel of the St. Ignaz Gallery, children are given an age-appropriate introduction to the mining industry. Then some can “work” with sledgehammers and picks, while others transport the mined rock in wheelbarrows and bring it to the ore sorters, which in turn pound, sort and sift the “ore”. And, who knows, maybe they might even find a “gem”?
Booking required. Suitable for younger school groups and for children's birthdays (5-10 years of age). Duration of tour: 1½ hrs. Warm clothes and sturdy footwear required. Temperature in gallery: + 8°C. Helmets, jackets and tools are provided by the Museum.

Mining Technology

A compact overground tour for those interested in technology.

From the outdoor mine railway station a short walk leads up to the reconstructed stamping mill and the mouth of the historic St. Nikolaus gallery. An entertaining and informative tour.

Stamping mills were used for crushing and grinding the ore transported above ground. The reconstructed stamping mill on the Prettau site is started up for illustrative purposes during the guided compact tour. The medieval hewing techniques used are clearly visible at the mouth of the St. Nikolaus gallery.
Duration of tour: 1 hr. Booking not required. Minimum number of participants: 8 persons. Suitable for all those capable of walking. Sturdy footwear recommended.

Through the Mountain

An extreme tour for groups and teams.

Underground from the St. Ignaz gallery, the tour leads – via 420 steps – 100 metres up to the St. Nikolaus gallery and from there to the mouth and the open air. The historic gallery, hewn by hand, is only shoulder-wide sections and visitors will have to stoop. Warm clothing required. Temperature in gallery: + 8°C.

This 2½ hour guided underground tour is a physical and mental challenge. Participants are secured during the 420-step climb. The St. Nikolaus gallery features narrow passages and sometimes ankle-deep water. Everyone reaches their destination by means of common effort. The tour is suitable for team-building activity.
Booking required. Minimum number of participants: 8 persons. Length of underground section: 2.1 km. Protective gear for the gallery – helmet, harness,  gloves and boots – is provided by the Museum.
Booking required. Minimum number of participants: 8 persons. Length of underground section: 2.1 km. Protective gear for the gallery – helmet, harness, full body overalls, gloves and boots – is provided by the Museum.

The Way of the Miners

A day tour for those with stamina.

The tour runs from the Museum site via the mountain slope, steep in places, via gallery mouths and huts up to the Rötkreuz mountain with its ore outcrops, then further to the Rötalm with its impressive peat bog and views of the main ridge of the Zillertaler Alps and its 3000-metre peaks.

The way up from the valley floor to the gallery mouths below the Rötalm was for centuries part of the daily workload of the miners, who would drive galleries into the mountainside in search of ore, crushing the rock in huts. The miners’ trail can be followed without a guide. It is marked 11A or follow the signs, a sledgehammer and pick on a white background.
Minimum number of participants: 8 persons. The terrain is steep in parts and requires stamina and sure-footedness. The climb from the Museum up to the Rötalm is 550 metres. Mountain gear as well as food and drink are required. Start: 10.00. Return to Museum area: approx. 16.00.

South Tyrol Museum of Mining - Location Prettau
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