Location Ridnaun

Frick Benedikte - Reservation, tickets, shop
Benedikte Frick
Reservation, tickets, shop
Wild Oswald - Technician, custodian
Oswald Wild
Technician, custodian
Pittracher Klaus - Technician, custodian
Klaus Pittracher
Technician, custodian
Wieser Margit - Cleaning
Margit Wieser
Wurzer Erna - Cleaning
Erna Wurzer


Helga Amrain
Isabella Filippi
Ilona Flecchi
Julia Gasteiger
Alexander Helfer
Edeltraud Helfer
Daniela Holzer
Gabriel Rainer
Nadia Seehauser
Verena Wurzer
Felix Zingerle
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