Location Prettau

Kirchler Artur -  Reservations, tickets, buide
Artur Kirchler
Reservations, tickets, guide
Enz Monika -Reservations, tickets, shop
Monika Enz
Reservations, tickets, shop
Steger Edith - Reservations, tickets, guide
Edith Steger
Reservations, tickets, guide
Rosa Griessmair - Info, tickets, shop
Rosa Griessmair
Info, tickets, shop
Oberhollenzer Günther - Tickets, guide
Günther Oberhollenzer
Tickets, guide
Pipperger Robert - Technician, custodian
Robert Pipperger
Technician, custodian
Voppichler Konrad - Custodian
Konrad Voppichler
Innerbichler Martha - Cleaning
Martha Innerbichler
Nothdurfter Esther - Cleaning
Esther Nothdurfter


Vera Aschbacher
Matthias Auer
Christian Gruber
Peter Hatzl
Anna Hofer
Helene Möller
Johannes Nairz
Maria Nairz
Röck Mirjam
Gebhard Steger
Winterle Monica
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