One. Four. Seventeen.

Mission Statement

Our philosophy of sustainability

Sustainability is one of the core values of the South Tyrol Mining Museum. Therefore, minimizing our ecological footprint is a priority for us. Accessibility and advancement of sustainable education will more and more be put at the forefront of our museum work. It is important to find both short-term and long-term strategies and bases for the implementation and achievement of the seventeen goals. In coming years, our everyday museum life will increasingly be characterized by ecological and social sustainability.

Christian Terzer, director of the South Tyrol Mining Museum

One. Four. Seventeen.

1 museum - 4 locations - 17 sustainability goals

The sustainability-project of the South Tyrol Mining Museum

Resources and their extraction and use are among the core topics conveyed in the South Tyrol Mining Museum. Based on this, sustainability is an obvious base principle of the museum. In 2020, a task group for sustainability was founded in the museum and in 2021 now follows the project "One. Four. Seventeen."
The name of the project is based on the museum's slogan, "1 museum - 4 locations", and the 17 Goals for Sustainable Development of the United Nations which are to be implemented also in a museum setting.

Early initiatives include the upgrading and recycling of disused materials through "upcycling". The protected workshops in the Pustertal were commissioned for this. 

As part of a further initiative, we're offering new items in our shops which are more sustainable and often organic.

Types of prints will henceforth only be printed on recycled paper. Drucksorten des LMB sollen künftig nur noch aus Recycling-Papier erstellt werden. In the medium term, visitors to the museum will be made aware of the need to access information digitally, in order to be able to do without printed materials such as information brochures. 
Sustainable education is another important goal. Since 2019, the STMM offers the program "Treasures of the earth" in which children and students get to know the origins and handling of resources in South Tyrol. This way, they develop a sense for the careful use of rescources.

Last but not least, gender equality and equal opportunities are further important goals. The South Tyrol Mining Museum welcomes everyone, visitors and employees alike, regardless of religious, sexual, gender and other affiliations and identities, and wants to set an example against gender discrimination: henceforth, we will explicitly offer "gender neutral and barrier free bathrooms". The further expect (neo-)pronouns to be respected. 
Accessibility is also to be expanded more and more over the next years. For example, the entire complex in Ridnaun, the grain store in Steinhaus and the climate gallery in Prettau are already accessible to wheelchair-users. In coming years, the entire tour in the St.-Ignaz gallery in Prettau is to be made barrier-free.