Museum collection


Museum Collection

The current collection of the South Tyrol Mining Museum includes some 1,700 inventory entries, with many of them collection inventory numbers. As the founding of the Mining Museum occurred almost simultaneously with the closure of mining operations in Prettau in 1971 and in Ridnaun in 1985, the inventory of the Ridnaun mine was transferred to the Museum, which is why for example the spare parts supply for the most recently used machines and vehicles has been almost completely preserved. These parts are still stored in the former depot and compiled as part of the collection, since the individual items number in the thousands. What were formerly tools and utensils thus became cultural and museum objects. They are joined by collections of objects that relate to the scientific investigation of the mining area, including thousands of rock samples, drilling cores, laboratory ware and soil samples from the probing campaigns of the 20th century, which were also added to the Collection. The showcases in the permanent exhibitions currently hold mainly personal memorabilia, private photo collections and working implements from the former miners who were employed in the industrial mining operations in Ridnaun and on the Schneeberg during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Research Advisory Board

Resolution no. 315 of the Provincial Authority dated 16 April 2019 provided for the appointment of the following as members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Mining Museum:
Dr. Angelika Gasser
Geologist to the Provincial Authority Dr. Volkmar Mair
Prof. Dr. Klaus Oeggl
Dr. Marco Pellizzari
Dr. Barbara Stocker
Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Wandinger.
The Scientific Advisory Board shall be appointed for the duration of the legislative term of the Provincial Authority. The current Advisory Board will sit until the provincial elections in autumn 2023.

Specialised library

The Ridnaun site has a specialised library containing several hundred titles on the history of mining, as well as mining in Tyrol, Trentino, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Eastern and Northern Europe, Asia and America. There is also specialist literature on local minerals such as lead, silver, zinc, copper, iron, salt, coal, mercury and precious stones, and publications on the topics of underground and open-cast mining, geology and ore processing. The library also holds (incomplete) annual editions of various mining journals. The library is accessible to the public on request. Borrowing is not permitted.
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