International Museum Day
Project LIFEstory

Museums for Education and Research - this is the motto of this year's International Museum Day, which takes place on 19 May.
The locations of Prettau and Steinhaus are launching a Citizen Science project to mark the occasion. Citizen science is a research concept in which scientific projects are carried out together with amateurs from the general public.

History lives in our heads. Research also consists of our memories. The South Tyrol Mining Museum wants to research, collect, and learn from the stories and memories of the local population. For centuries, mining has helped write the lives of people in the Ahrntal Valley and beyond. Almost all adults have a memory of a school trip to the copper mine or the granary. Many children discovered their first shiny stone in the mine and many older people still remember working underground. 
We would like to record these memories. On 19 May from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. there will be cameras at locations of Prettau and Steinhaus, with drawing and writing materials next to them. Anyone who would like to tell us about their memories of the Ahrntal valley, the mine, lace-making and other work is invited to sit on our chair and share these stories either on video, in a picture or in writing. 
We are history. We are research.